How is Life Coaching like Chocolate?


Sometimes it is milky-smooth; sometimes it is dark &bittersweet. Messy. Exotic. A little nutty perhaps? But always rich and oh so worth it!

Chocolate Covered Coaching . . . Bringing Sweetness to Your Life!

Life Coaching is like that too. Maybe you just need a boost to feel better? Or perhaps you really need to melt into it and explore with all your senses? This isn’t sugar-coating! Let’s bite into it, to reveal the treasure at the centre! Whatever the flavour, Chocolate Covered Coaching will make you wonder how you ever managed before tasting it!



Find out about our company, services and how we can help you find the balance and sweetness in your life! 


There is no judgement, only choice.  And you get to choose, based on your heart and your head. 


Become a Soulpreneur.  Use your genius to get your soul's purpose out into the world.