Is your office a zoo? We can tame the paper tiger.

For most people bookkeeping is a stressful burden . . . . 
It can be overwhelming to have an incomplete picture of your finances, your efforts to fix it are not as efficient as they could be. You don't know where to begin. We will make it simple, easy to understand and efficient. Taking small steps, instead of feeling trapped, will free you from the debt/credit cycle and give you the confidence and control your finances.

What kind of business owner are you? 

Ostrich: You want it added up, have it taken care of, and not have to see it

Groundhog: You pop up now and again, checking in to see your accounts, balances, and government remittances, etc.

Hawk: You keep a close eye on details, but have no time to do the data entry yourself.

We will work together and keep you informed, on time and on budget. 

Tree House Taxes


Come for a visit to my Tree House! It is an actual place where you can feel safe and cozy.

If taxes make you feel exposed, uncertain and scared, we will make the experience of doing your taxes a soft and gentle process. You will find that the reality of your finances are not as overwhelming as you thought. We will have a cup or tea or coffee, with some chocolate, of course, and talk about your business, your budget, your assets and your goals. 

We can conclude with a "ceremonial burn" to let go of your old paperwork!