What does a Life Coach do?

Do you ever say to yourself "I wish I could . . . 

feel better in my own skin

feel good about who I am . . . quirks, mistakes, super powers, all of it included

feel good about the people in my circle

know my purpose and how to achieve it

We will do this together, so you aren't afraid.  There is no judgement, only choice.  And you get to choose, based on your heart and your head.  I'll listen to your heart's desire, even if you haven't heard it yourself.  Then we will plan baby steps, one at a time, so you feel in control, at ease, confident and excited to step forth on your path.



Especially for Students and Teens

How do you choose a job, a career or a calling? 

We will spend 90 minutes together, exploring these questions. You will gain insight on your values, and what you want to do with your life.

A Life Coach helps you see the possibilities of creating space, time and the means to achieve your vision for your best life.  Please call or email me, for a one hour coaching session, at no charge, to see how Life Coaching can serve you.