“My financial Dali Lama”
— Simon Smithyman, All Saints Anglican Church
Anne is a calm, patient and understanding Coach.  With her relaxed personality and genuine nature, she makes it easy for you to express yourself without fear of judgement. Meeting with Anne, she helps you to find the keys that you have hidden within yourself - that enable you to unlock the doors to the person you really want to become In the journey I have not only met a Coach, but a wonderful woman that I am now pleased to be great friends with.    Thanks Anne!
— Rod Sparling
Anne’s coaching is as comforting and illuminating as a lighthouse on a cold, stormy night.  Anne personifies calm and gentleness and like an alchemist, Anne transforms pain and fear into an achievable life goal to pursue for healing.  Out of our coaching sessions, Anne was able to distil  my unique talents and abilities and for this I’m so grateful.  Anne will take you on a special healing journey with a good dose of laughter along the way.
— Tracey Davies
I recognized early on as an Entrepreneur that bookkeeping and business finance was not my area of expertise.  Anne makes this easy! She has a unique ability to connect as a Coach helping to create systems and processes that work for me.  She explains complex financial ‘lingo’ in a way that has me understand tax rules and responsibilities and makes recommendations so I can maximize my deductions and my bottom-line! Anne is the first person I call when I have any questions about my business finances!
— Janine Wright-Giustizia, CPCC, PCC, Strategic Life Coach, ADHD, Specialist
“I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about growing your business. Anne is an incredible coach, and continues to support me as I grow my business. She has the experience, wisdom and natural ability to connect with people and understand their strengths and needs. Anne truly cares about people and that means a lot to me.” 
— Diane Yeo, Mindfulness Coach, dianeyeo.com
“I am pleased to share the attached information on a series of workshops being offered for entrepreneurs.  One of the workshop facilitators is Anne Wheatley, owner of Chocolate Covered Coaching.  Anne is my life coach and my bookkeeper.  When I started my own business five years ago, I had no idea about what information I needed to collected for Revenue Canada, how to organize my records and more importantly how to get out of my own way.  Through these workshops, Anne and Susan Morel will be bringing in a variety of entrepreneurs who will tell you how they overcame obstacles and achieved success in their businesses.   I encourage you to sign up for these workshops if you are interested in achieving greater success with your business.” 
— Sharon Lechner, Events by Sharon, eventsbysharon.com

“Thanks so much for your tremendous support, as I make my way through this very foreign territory. You have been amazing, and are blessed with such a beautiful gift. Your listening, discerning, words of wisdom and generous kindness.”
— Teresa Linker, Graphic Designer